Friday, 8 October 2010

It's Been a While; Deer Tick

Busy all the time at the moment. However, I need to comment on the brilliance of the band Deer Tick. I reviewed their album The Black Dirt Sessions a few months back, and was very positive, and I've since delved into their back catalogue a little. The singer has a gorgeously scratchy, intense voice, which really sets them apart from other American folk/indie bands of the moment.

I'm in love with Deer Tick's lyrics. Recurring religious and regal themes I can take or leave, but sometimes the singer speaks with such elegance and eloquence that the result is irresistible. "Looks like I relied too hard on a dream, so tell me girl, where have you really been?... I built a kingdom on second chances" he growls in 'Piece by Piece and Frame by Frame'. Enticingly simple words that draw a picture, rasped in his husky tones, over well-played indie-ish acoustic guitar or heavy bass...

It's lovely. They are pensive but often upbeat too, and I'm going though a phase of really liking them. Deer Tick: check them out. I've put a few favourites below.