Thursday, 26 September 2013

A reminder of how good Reuben were (and a bit of Biffy)

For proof of how brilliant Reuben could be in their genre, I've dug up the cover they did of Vex Red's 'Karin'. Vex Red were a fairly small band on the same sort of scene as Reuben in the early 00s, but they disappeared even sooner. 'Karin' is a decent piece of songwriting, but only ever made it to demo stage, so it's a bit sketchy and not particularly well padded-out. Reuben heard this:

And turned it into this:

Karin by Reuben on Grooveshark

I may be biased, but the energy and innovation in that cover, even with simpler rock instrumentation and the same riffs, is exceptional.

While we're on covers, I feel I should re-post the wackiest hard rock cover in existence. Ever heard Weezer's melodic gem 'Buddy Holly'? If not, or if it's just a faint memory, here's a reminder:

Buddy Holly by Weezer on Grooveshark

Now take everything you'd just heard, tear it up and listen to this:

Buddy Holly (Weezer cover) by Biffy Clyro on Grooveshark

"Suck on that!" as Simon Neil almost certainly said after recording that guitar part.

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