Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A 'modern music' observation

I haven't been on the scene long enough to have seen changes in musical fashion over and over again, though I know they have happened, but recently I'm really noticing a change in what is fashionable and it became noteworthy when Franz Ferdinand changed direction seemingly to go with this new tide, with the release of their third album, Tonight.

A few years ago, the rise of 'emo' came about in the hardcore scene, where all the cool kids who wanted to listen to metal but couldn't stomach it started listening to pop, disguised under metal overtones and dyed black hair. That was the fashion when I started really listening to music. I didn't listen to that music, as you can tell from my apathetic description, but I didn't see that three years later, those same 'emo' kids would be listening to electronica-pop disguised as indie under indie-style haircuts and skinny jeans.

I wouldn't have a problem with it if that fashion didn't interfere with what I listen to. However, Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand, being 'indie' (in the loosest way possible), have decided to buy in on the electronic dance side of things. I suppose, first Klaxons, CSS and New Young Pony Club happened, and proved to be the cutting edge for a while, so a couple of years later, a less cult form of their music emerged, with a more disco-retro feel, seen in Black Kids, Ladyhawke and MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Friendly Fires and Late Of The Pier. This music is not in itself offensive. But seeing their success, bands like the Chiefs and Franz inadvertently (or not) changed their direction and both their third albums are dancefloor records. They also seem to be adopting dance support acts.

It's not a travesty. I'm not a 'good old days' kind of girl. However, I did like the feeling of music post-Libertines, that guitar sound and raw edge that Franz Ferdinand managed so well in album number 2. It seems to be fading into the background for a while, making way for synthesisers, sharp production and sparkly costumes.

My observation, minus opinionated bullshit, is basically: everyone's going electro. Fashion shifts suddenly and irrationally and with a great deal of hypocrisy. But I bet you knew that.

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