Friday, 6 February 2009


I am intending to use this blog as a way of archiving many of my Last FM journals (especially my '10 Songs I Love Right Now' lists, which are my pride and joy and so I do not wish them to get mislaid in the vast universe which is the internet), and blog specifically about music. I'm hoping to do live reviews, album reviews and write down those little emotional explosions I have when I'm listening to music.

I am also a loyal LiverJournal blogger, though that's all "Daily life - ain't it shit, man" stuff, nothing like the emotional mess I am planning to get into here, over music.

The title of this blog comes from a Libertines song of the same name, and I thought it appropriate considering my attachment to music, night-time and The Libs themselves.
If you wish to hunt me down for any reason, search KCKate or ItMustBeKate, or Kayte - so basically you won't be able to find me. :)

Anyway, I'd love some sort of attention, I'm extremely predictable like that: have a nice day and don't forget to come back sometime in the near future for stuff about music, yes?

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